Focus. Prioritize. My Ancestors Aren’t Going Anywhere

genealogy do-overI’m still here trudging through it all. I’m in limbo somewhere between week two, three, and maybe a little bit of four. I’m taking it slow and doing a lot of learning. Except for viewing a microfilm I ordered I haven’t done very much research. Ok, I still get distracted by shiny objects but I didn’t add anything to my database…well not the new database anyway. Shush! Old habits are hard to break. Really I’m trying to relax and remind myself – my ancestors will still be there.

Things I’ve done:

  • Filled out a family group-sheet for my family unit
  • Wrote an outline of events in my life
  • I have the documents for my family household in order, and with them have proved I was born and have parents.
  • Some simple goals have been set. I have the marriage documentation for my parents, but I know that they were actually married twice (to each other), so one goal is to find that other documentation and methodically work my way back in time. Some documents I’m simply not going to get access to, but I’m figuring out ways around this as practice. I need the practice for working on my maternal side. It’s not part of the “re-do” it’s a “never-done-it”. I have very little information on my maternal side. I have a couple uncles and a cousin feeding me information which is fantastic. As of now I only have approximations of the years my maternal grandparents were born and died. I did find a very promising marriage record though.
  • Emails outlining group-sheet information were sent out to various family members to look over and verify or change for their own family unit. I listed gaps that I have for some. I’ve only had two responses so far. I know some were busy or out-of-town, so I’m just waiting. Tap tap tap…maybe a bit impatiently, but waiting.
  • Not completely genealogy related, but I found a great website for hooking up with native Spanish speakers to help me learn/practice Spanish in exchange for helping them learn/practice English. My maternal family is mostly all in Mexico, so this will help me communicate with them and write to church parishes etc.
  • I’m really liking the DearMyrtle community. I tune in to her Beginning Genealogy hangout on Wednesdays, GenLaw Study Group on Fridays. On her YouTube channel I found two Mastering Genealogical Proof study groups from a year ago. I’m slowly watching those.

To do:

  • Set up an interview or maybe a series of interviews through Skype or Google+.
  • I have two different search tracking spreadsheets. I need to actually pick one, or meld them together. Either way I need to get into the habit of using one.
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